About Ebnu Etheris Ma.IDT, B.Hrd

Ebnu Etheris, holds a Masters degree in Instructional Design and was part of the pioneering team of executives who saw through the start up of Singapore’s first Budget Airline, Valuair. He was responsible for developing the airline’s Crisis planning systems and initiating blended learning in Flight operations. He works as a Partner with Teamworkbound.

DISC program overview for Educators in Singapore

We worked with the management team comprising of Heads of departments, Vice Principals and the school Principal for Horizon Primary school, using DISC personality profiling systems.

Understanding the 4 communication styles using DISC

Understanding the 4 communication styles using the DISC personality systems is shared by Ebnu Etheris. We have placed a resource, DISC communication card that you can use as well. This includes our narrative on program for Silkair.

Personal Excellence Magazine – Article

Here is an article that was written to explore why there is a need to go out of your comfort zones. Learning, development and growth happens when we leave our comforts zones to try tasks that are hard. Read this article that was published in a HR magazine.

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UEMS strategy planning featured us – Article

UEMS, contacted us to conduct their Strategy planning session. This strategy planning session involved the senior management team and their middle managers. We delivered this session in the rustic island of Bintan. They even wrote an article featuring us Teamworkbound in their newsletter.

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Strategy Planning using Belbin

Burouge Petroleum contracted us to conduct a strategy planning session using Belbin in Singapore. On this blog we share with how the 9 Belbin Roles are also clustered into 3 behavioural groups. We captured what the senior managers shared as we wrapped this session in video clip too. Do read more on our blog.

Key Concepts for Experiential Learning

Having spent more than 10 years driving organisation and corporate performance, we share with you the use of Experiential learning programs that we have conducted for MNC's such as Panasonic and government agencies.

Using Kahoot – Are you facilitating using tech

Here is a quick youtube tutorial on incorporating Kahoot in your training programs. Using tech to facilitate training sessions. From icebreakers to team building using Kahoot can happen in face to face sessions too.

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