Featured by the Institute of Adult Learning

Last year we embarked on a goal to create a robust and interactive blended program for our curriculums. We applied for the Inno Dev grant through the Institute of Adult Learning. After that, we were assigned to Dr. Michael Choy, who coached me and my team member Aphroz, to digitalize our core program DISC personality traits. Dr. Michael Choy’s help was spot on as he guided us to be featured by Institute of adult learning;

  • Develop a storyboard
  • Scaffold the contents into manageable bites
  • Includes interactive videos
  • Most importantly become experts in using Canvas as an e-learning suite
Featured by Institute of Adult Learning

Our DISC program that we conduct now is complemented by the e-learning suite that we use in Canvas. Learners can log in to our materials using their e-mail and password. The modules have been developed to be interactive and engaging using a realistic case-based scenario. We have become embolden with the success of having acquired this skill. More importantly, the master’s thesis I wrote on Blended learning in 2006 with hindsight is what we now offer to clients. In the next 4 weeks I am looking forward to completing the curriculum for Belbin.

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Ebnu Etheris
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