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People analytics

Draw on 4 decades of scientific research on motivation


Unleash powerful interventions in your workplace for Gen Zs and Teams

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We help organizations become competitive

We help companies crystallise their strategy plans. From facilitation the session to using Harvard Business Reviews case studies, we ensure strategy is mapped up and committed to.

Post COVID, we  help you build culture centred on developing and retaining your Talents. DRIVE work place culture that is progressive. Certified to conduct programs from thought leaders such as Daniel H. Pink who authored the best selling book DRIVE.

We use people assessment tools that are robust and up to date. From Belbin (Singapore) Team roles, DISC, Big 5 and MBTI. We have been certified to administer these tools to help your Team to interpret them and use the data to address gaps. We use it for developing your people, coaching and strategy planning.

We can help you craft strategy, work plans and goals alignment

When you attend our training programs, we work with you to develop and contextualise our contents. All the tools we use are centred on organisational development. Using OD tools (Singapore) such as Leadership self insights, Patrick lencionni’s 5 dysfunctions, Belbin Team Roles (Singapore) and behavioural assessment test kits. We hold the license to administer these tools independently. To augment our training programs, we have a coaching platform in place.

Training Programs

  • Image 3 1 e1680247075147 Team performance building

    The core of building high-performance teams is cultivating trust. The absence of trust is one of the core building blocks of a dysfunctional team. This program includes the use of assessment tools to health check your team and provide clues on what to do address dysfunctional behaviours. Experiential and impactful.

  • Belbin Singapore Belbin team roles (Singapore)

    Participants in this program will have an understanding of 9 clusters of behavioural attributes described by Dr. Meredith Belbin. Their research done has shown that for teams to excel in work place environment requires diverse mix of each team role at appropriate times. Belbin Team roles is integral towards...

  • Demanding Boss D DISC personality profiling tool

    This program is your guide towards understanding why people do what they do. Personality styles are the language of observable behaviours that you are observe and understand. Using DISC, deep dive into understand the 4 dimensions of behaviour described as Dominant, Influencing, Steadiness and Conscientious.

  • Strategy e1679037836493 Strategy planning

    Strategy planning helps determine mid to long terms goals. Our program is facilitated to help you envision what you want your future to be. This includes using tools such as a business canvas and OD tools to map the critical skills and competencies you have with your team. Identify your strengths and weaknesses using SWOTS.

  • metaphor plane6 Innovate and implement

    Innovate & Implement is a Square Wheels game designed for tabletops of 4 people. Understanding and already discussing the need to deal with the things that can work better. This program has been designed for teams to achieve break throughs and overcome road blocks. Played using a game board.

  • Image 2 e1680247193823 Effective Leadership Program

    This program has been designed to provide new managers, middle managers and senior managers to acquire leadership competencies to manage teams. Learn about key characteristics that differentiates a good leader from a manager. Evaluate yourselves using Goldman 6 leadership styles. The need for emotional ..

  • carrot Dan. H Pink Driveworkshop

    Join our Drive workshop program conducted by US trained facilitator, Ebnu Etheris Ma.(IDT). From the Book written by Daniel H. Pink, “Drive”. The surprising truth about about what motivates us. How we can motivate our employees. Get to know what research tell us about using Autonomy, Mastery and Purpose for our Teams.

  • Curiosity 1024x576 1 Health meets Flow

    Managerial training on “Flow” and implementing the system in their respective departments. This program has been designed to address mental wellness and getting teams to do the best work they can. It encompasses the use of mental wellness assessment tools and a robust engaging curriculum.

  • Contact teamworkbound 1024x576 1 Graphic facilitation (Singapore)

    Trained in using graphic charts with our own graphic facilitation Singapore, we can bring ideas and thoughts to life. Here are pictures of images we have used in our training programs. We use carefully drawn visuals in our sessions. Visuals that shows outcomes discussed. Get in touch with us, for programs centred on OD.

  • Carefully designed

  • Experiential activities

  • Impactful and engaging

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Since 2006 we have been conducting training programs in Asia and Singapore. We have worked with organisations from the Government sectors and the MNCs. Our programs are impactful, experiential and they hold gravitas, using journals with white papers. Our robust blog articles is a testimony to what we do.

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