Patrick lencioni 5 dysfunctions

5 Dysfunction of a Team

5 dysfunctions of a team

The 5 dysfunctions of a Team test is a comprehensive easy to administer inventory of questions developed by Patrick Lencioni. The  5 dysfunctions of a team test measure 5 traits in the team and hence score these dysfunctions with an aggregate score. Easy to use as an organisational development tool to address specific team traits that requires attention.

  • The principles of 5 dysfunctions were developed thought management consultations done with CEO’s and fortune 500 companies
  • Absence of trust – Seen as the most severe dysfunction in Teams failing which productive work is hindered
  • Fear of conflict – Conflict can be productive when there is trusts and best ideas are discussed and challenged
  • Commitment – When teams don’t commit, they also hold back decision making initiatives delaying team performance
  • Accountability – Failing to take accountability for decisions made and creating team chaos by placing blame
  • Goals – Passengering through the department and not committing to the goals showing inattention to objectives that needs to be achieved
5 dysfunctions of a team

The 5 dysfunction of a team provides team guidance and advice. The  5 dysfunctions of a team has been designed to help you target and address specific dysfunctions in Teams:

  • Each of the Big Five personality traits is considered to drive a significant aspect of cognition (how we think) and behavior (how we act).
  • Each trait is completely distinct and independent of the other four traits; for instance, a highly Extraverted person is no more or less likely to be highly Conscientious as well.
  • For an individual, each of the Big Five personality traits is measured along a spectrum, so that one can be high, medium, or low in that particular trait. This makes the Big Five model distinct from many pop psychology systems

How can I get a 5 dysfunctions report

The process is simple, online you will need to answer 60 questions:

  • Fill in an online questionnaire called the Self-Perception Inventory. It takes around 20 minutes to complete.
  • Within minutes, you’ll receive your Big 5 Individual report.
  • This test has been researched extensively to ensure it is valid and reliable. It is based on psychological research into the core of personality and psychometric research.
  • Your scores show you how you compare to the other people in a large, international sample for each of the Big Five personality traits.

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