Strategy Planning Using Belbin

Every strategy meeting starts with wanting the departmental goals mapped. As you start these planning sessions, do consider an approach that will allow you to assemble the best team in place to meet these needs. Belbin 9 Team roles will provide you with the much needed clues you need to work towards your business goals. Here are the overviews of the 3 distinct styles clustered together. Belbin Team roles, provides a descriptive overview of 9 team roles that can be further grouped into 3 distinct sets of behavioural descriptors;

Action Centric Team roles
3 Team roles in Belbin that is action centric. Folks with these team roles will want to get things done
Cognitive Centric
People with these Team roles are also known as thinkers, analysts and folks who reflect deeply
People Centric
The 3 Belbin team roles here naturally gravitate towards people and wanting to work with other people

Action oriented

Department strategy planning using Belbin

Task centric individuals described as Shaper, Implementer and Completer finisher. Key to note is that Shapers do present problems in working relationships, in their zeal to get things done. They are more likely to do well, gain promotions and lead teams ruthlessly. They work hard to ensure business success is achieved. The Implementers will leave their distinguishing mark in their readiness to address the practical demands of situations, systems and organisations. Get their elbows greased and wet by getting to the root of where work is establish. They work well with a broad range of people. The completer finishers are awesome to say the least at following through projects. They make valuable contributions who value results.

Cognitive centred

Belbin Singapore Thinkers team roles

Team members who are described as thinkers and cognitively inclined. Plant, Specialist and Monitor Evaluator. 3 distinct roles that are associated with the thinkers in your team.  Team roles associated with the Plant, are individuals who pre occupied with ideas, concepts and make good analysts. Monitor evaluators gave an astute eye for details, that will be useful for any project plans. Key to successful team is having a subject matter expert, and that you will find in your Specialist.

People centred

Belbin people centric team roles

People centric or socially inclined team members are needed in a team as well. Belbin describes them as, Coordinator, Resource Investigator and Teamworker. Do you have team member who has a pulse on what is taking place in the market place? Is there a leader who has a good sense of the people he leads, the skills they have and what they can contribute. And the proverbial team worker who is kind and diplomatic enough to work with everyone. These are the people centric team roles.

Senior Managers sharing their thoughts

The Belbin reports generated looks at you from the outside in, using work as a central platform. Experiments conducted by Henley Business School has constantly shown balanced teams doing better than one that is lob sided. We conducted a similar experiment in our program. Specifically, in the context of “Department Strategy planning using Belbin,” teams with a balance of roles from all three clusters outperformed others, achieving the highest scores in a problem-solving task.

belbin balancedteam 1024x836 1 Strategy Planning using Belbin

For a robust tool, with Belbin reports that can be incorporated into your training session, do get in touch with us for a Belbin program in Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam,  or Malaysia.

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