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  • Burouge Petroleum contracted us to conduct a strategy planning session using Belbin in Singapore. On this blog we share with how the 9 Belbin Roles are also clustered into 3 behavioural groups. We captured what the senior managers shared as we wrapped this session in video clip too. Do read more on our blog.

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  • Last week, we started our in person training programs. For Singapore Tourism Board, we conducted a half day training session that involved DISC personality traits and Team building. 35 participants in all attended this program. We provide one of the most comprehensive DISC training program in Singapore.

  • This blog showcases the journal article by Dr. Tom Henkel Phd. This article featured the study conducted by Embry Riddle Aeronautical University on 753 Managers who attended their advanced leadership program and completed the DISC assessment.

  • Belbin program that we conducted in Singapore. We use this tool to help teams build trust. A robust Belbin Team roles tool that we use in Strategy planning and team building.

  • Here is a case study on what you can do to avoid "group think" in your organisation. This case study feature Bridgewater, and what they do to build a vibrant culture.


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