About Ebnu Etheris Ma.IDT, B.Hrd

Ebnu Etheris, holds a Masters degree in Instructional Design and was part of the pioneering team of executives who saw through the start up of Singapore’s first Budget Airline, Valuair. He was responsible for developing the airline’s Crisis planning systems and initiating blended learning in Flight operations. He works as a Partner with Teamworkbound.

Using Kahoot – Are you facilitating using tech

Here is a quick youtube tutorial on incorporating Kahoot in your training programs. Using tech to facilitate training sessions. From icebreakers to team building using Kahoot can happen in face to face sessions too.

Introduction to DISC program Singapore

Last week, we started our in person training programs. For Singapore Tourism Board, we conducted a half day training session that involved DISC personality traits and Team building. 35 participants in all attended this program. We provide one of the most comprehensive DISC training program in Singapore.

Belbin Program Singapore – Building Trust in Teams

Belbin program that we conducted in Singapore. We use this tool to help teams build trust. A robust Belbin Team roles tool that we use in Strategy planning and team building.

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