Health meets Flow

Managerial training on “Flow” and implementing the system in their respective departments. This program has been designed to address mental wellness and getting teams to do the best work they can. It encompasses the use of a diagnostic tool to undertake a health pulse of your employees and recommend initiatives to adopt to let employees thrive. The program Health meets Flow  includes aspects of applying positive psychology in the work place. Build on the interventions shared by Dr. Martin Seligman.

Health Meets Flow

The 2 day session of Health Meets Flow will address;

  • Use OD Tool Health meets work, modern organisational diagnostic survey
  • Measure with data, Mental Health Risk assessment according to ISO 10075
  • Focusing on strengths and building on what it takes to thrive in the workplace
  • Apply positive psychology to bring about optimal functioning to thrive and flourish in the work place
  • Apply PERMA, positive emotions, engagement, relationships, meaning and achievement
  • Understand and apply “Flow” activities in what they do at work
  • Create  Health meets flow engagement tasks in their environments
  • Identify, what they want to do passionately in their work place and their career aspirations
  • Pick up one skill, that is relevant to their business goals, that is out of their comfort zone. Pair up with mentors to execute

Group size: 25

Duration: 2 days

Target Group: Senior Managers, Project Team, Executive Team, coming together

Reports that will detail: This is an anonymous survey which consists of 86 questionaie items. It can be done on mobile phones or desk top. Highly intuitive provides data for organisation modelling and analytic functions.

1. Reports will assess organization effectiveness based on 7 main angles, employee engagement, trust in leadership, talent management practices, Immediate supervisor, Team spirit, the job and management excellence

2. From the health factor index, it will measure, Work conditions (Physical stresses), Mental stresses, Physical and Mental health status

3. A holistic systematic approach towards detailing that employee’s mental and physical health is intertwined with organisational effectiveness.

4. Detail process and systems that are inefficient and making the organisation less efficient

5. Measure interpersonal conflicts, between and amongst all tiers of the employees

6. Leadership performance towards creating employee satisfaction and well being

Methodology: Health meets flow work is combining advanced organisational research on the Gibbons study with ISO 10075 requirements in place for mental health flow promotion using a systematic approach. Use of experiential activities that involves collaboration and solving problems centred on understanding the OD Tool report and putting place organisation wide initiative to promote better mental health in teams and departments.

Health meets work Health meets Flow

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