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Comprehensive DISC Report

DISC individual report is a single-rater assessment program. This Comprehensive DISC Report assessment will help you discover your personality at work. Discover the four DISC personality types and improve communication, productivity, and conflict management in the workplace. Take the DISC test yourself, or use it with your team.

  • Gain insights from the report centred on the 4 personality traits, DISC
  • A measure of interpersonal behavior that is often used in workplace settings
  • It classifies how we interact in terms of four personality styles: Drive, Influence, Support, and Clarity
  • Provides for developmental suggestions, building on your strengths and analyzing your allowable weaknesses

Based on the theories of psychologist William Moulton Marston, the Comprehensive DISC assessment is a simple yet powerful way to unlock your strengths and help your team work better together

DISC personality report Singapore

A DISC Individual report provides personalized guidance and advice. Its been designed to help you grow;

  • You will be able to identify your strengths, based on DISC
  • Gain understanding of how you react to the people around you at work
  • Harness and maximize your strengths and manage your allowable weaknesses
  • Gain an astute understanding of when to delegate work and who to work with to produce positive results

How can I get a Comprehensive DISC report

A DISC report will identify which combination of  4 styles you personify at the work place. The process is simple:

  • Fill in an online questionnaire of 54 questions. It takes around 15 minutes to complete.
  • Within minutes, you’ll receive your DISC report. This shows your combination of the highest score for the 4 styles
  • It will describe how the DISC model can be used to better understand your strengths on a team, as well as the way you like to work.
  • This inventory and reports given has been researched thoroughly and provides an accurate overview of your core and secondary traits

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