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Kinza Mariam holds a Master's degree and have been a successful web developer for the past few years. She brings a fresh perspective towards the projects we do at Teamwork Bound, bringing a blend of academic knowledge and practical experience to the table. She is driven, collaborative, and committed to delivering excellence in every endeavour.
Kinza Mariam

How DISC Quadrants Empower Teams and Improve Talent Retention

In today's competitive business landscape, effective team collaboration and talent retention are crucial for organizational success. One powerful tool that can facilitate both of these objectives is the use of DISC model. Find out how you use this tool to maximise engagement and team performance at work.

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Disc Personality Singapore | Identifying DISC trends in Managers

This blog showcases the journal article by Dr. Tom Henkel Phd. This article featured the study conducted by Embry Riddle Aeronautical University on 753 Managers who attended their advanced leadership program and completed the DISC assessment.

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9 Roles To Build Successful Team | Belbin Team Roles

The 9 Belbin Team roles and what do they mean is defined here. If you are keen to use a people analytic tool, Belbin has been by far the most robust and detailed. The Belbin Team Roles program, we conduct in Singapore is engaging and impactful.

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Belbin Program Singapore – How to build TRUST

How do we build Trust with Teams? Using Belbin Team roles and a Team diagnostic tool such a the 5 dysfunctions is one approach that we use to develop awesome Teams. We share with you Teamworkbound Singapore experience in getting teams with diverse backgrounds to come together with purpose, intent and exceptional performance using Belbin in Singapore.

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Secrets to Successful Teamwork: Using Belbin to optimise performance at work

Unlock the secrets to successful teamwork at the work place using Belbin Team roles. What are the secrets that enhances team performance at the work place is shared in this article. The 7 secrets towards enabling high performance and our approach in conducting Belbin Singapore programs are shared.

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Belbin Program Singapore – Building Trust with Ministry of Education (Singapore)

Belbin Singapore Team roles program that we have conducted for Ministry of Education, has been impactful and beneficial to their Teams. Find out how the use of this tool combined with experiential learning, can help your team to build trust.

Unlocking the secrets to Successful Teamwork: The Belbin approach

Looking to improve team dynamics? Explore Belbin in Singapore with teamworkbound and learn how to maximize productivity and harmony in your workplace.

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