Finding purpose is the secret recipe needed in excelling in what you do. Jump in and make that start by reflecting deeply on what you like to do. One day in the office are there projects and work scope you like doing? Jot them down and create a list. Write the list on to paper and pen. Write down 25 things that you are curious about. Do read some books on what you have wrote. Speak to an expert who knows about it. Take these first steps, to find your purpose. Be curious. Dan Pink in his book, “Drive” described Purpose as the absolute motivator, based on the study done at Wharton by Adam Grant.

The list is by far the most important start to this exploration. Ensure its;

  • As specific as possible
  • Don’t just indicate a general theme such as Food, what about food, from cooking to food science
  • The more detail the information the better

Connect the dots, the 25 ideas are there schemas where they connect? Explore that. Be curious and be bold. When the themes intersect, you create connections for pattern recognition. When patterns are recognised the brain rewards us with tiny quirts of Dopamine. Play in these intersections, devote, 20 to 25 mins, reading or listening to podcasts on these topics.

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1977, renowned psychologists Edward Deci and Richard Ryan shared in the much read self determination theory, that the intrinsic motivation stack is whats needed to fuel exceptional performance at work and what we do. They categorised motivation 2 trenches;

Controlled motivation, putting in place systems, rewards and punishments to get what you want from your employees. You would have known by now, this would at best gets you compliance.
Autonomous motivation, where by choice you choose to do what you want to do. Thats powerful to fuel mental health and performance. If you want to get a report that weighs your levels motivation, do consider our MQ report in OD tools.

In a nutshell strive to become a superman or supergal. If you are in school graduating, perhaps early into your career, or midway through, do consider the steps, I have shared here. Take time to find out what makes you happy. Do detail how you find this piece of happiness (dopamine shot), work that around the purposeful work that you want to do in life. Our program DRIVE, can help your teams find the purpose and passion they need at work. Take time off screen time and read a book that points you towards, what you like to do. Strive, and be Super

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About the Author: Ebnu Etheris Ma.IDT, B.Hrd

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Ebnu Etheris, holds a Masters degree in Instructional Design and was part of the pioneering team of executives who saw through the start up of Singapore’s first Budget Airline, Valuair. He was responsible for developing the airline’s Crisis planning systems and initiating blended learning in Flight operations. He works as a Partner with Teamworkbound.

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