Strategy planning  sessions visuals

In our strategy planning sessions, we use loads of visual canvas maps to chart critical milestones, conversations shared on “post its” and views of the people you need to work with to get there. Here are some  strategy planning sessions visual canvas maps that we have used in our training sessions.

Strategy planning sessions visuals

What will it take to reach our vision statement

Using the vision statement of the organization we work with
Brainstorm and facilitate the session to list what it takes for the team to strive towards its vision statement

Strategy planning lessons visuals

Some times the goals set can become fuzzy?

Goal statements can be compartmentalised too, when they become fuzzy

People involved
These markers can be changed pending the needs of the organization.

solution model1 1 1024x605 1 Strategy planning sessions visuals

Using models to get people to think, “SOLUTIONS” not problems

If bottlenecks are reached, do consider the Solution Focus Model, to lead the discussions

Define the problem
Detail the end state in mind without the “Problem”, the future perfect that you want to achieve
Detail what the future looks like if the “Problem” is not addressed

Reflecting on your past success can help you define where you want to go. Do think about the plane metaphor that we have shared here. Once gain you may want to twig the facilitative questions to meet your needs.

We use tools such as Belbin Team roles in tandem with our strategy planning session. Our strategy planning session are usually designed differently for the different organisations we have worked. The needs are different, the challenges can be varied. Do get in touch with us, we can share with you the approaches that we have taken with the companies we have worked with. Contact us on e-mail, or call us at +65 6315 2587.

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